Oxford Fashion Week - March 2015

I am absolutely honoured to showcase my 'Commedia dell'Arte' collection at the prestigious event The Oxford Fashion Week 2015. 

The GENESIS Concept Show was scheduled on the 6th of March, at the beautiful Randolph Hotel in the centre of Oxford. 

The opening piece for the show was my statement piece from the collection 'Ditat Deus'. The collection is a very conceptual approach on the inspiration taken from Orthodox gilded icons in the Christian Religion. I wanted to show how the icons represent the saints in their 2D ornate aspect. For example, how the frames are covered in gold, except the hands and the face of the saint portrayed in the icon. I have found that technique very interesting and explored it further in sartorial manner. I have also focused on the beauty of the saintly hallo, and have interpreted it by laser cutting perspex and embellishing it with jewellery.