Oxford Fashion Week - October 2016

Oxford Fashion Week - October 2015

A stunning venue and a hand-picked selection of emerging designers made the night of the last Oxford Fashion Week a memorable event.  

The Sheldonian Theatre, the 300 year old architectural masterpiece is located in the heart of Oxford. 

More exciting and beautiful moments from backstage, before the show. 

Oxford Fashion Week - March 2015

I am absolutely honoured to showcase my 'Commedia dell'Arte' collection at the prestigious event The Oxford Fashion Week 2015. 

The GENESIS Concept Show was scheduled on the 6th of March, at the beautiful Randolph Hotel in the centre of Oxford. 

The opening piece for the show was my statement piece from the collection 'Ditat Deus'. The collection is a very conceptual approach on the inspiration taken from Orthodox gilded icons in the Christian Religion. I wanted to show how the icons represent the saints in their 2D ornate aspect. For example, how the frames are covered in gold, except the hands and the face of the saint portrayed in the icon. I have found that technique very interesting and explored it further in sartorial manner. I have also focused on the beauty of the saintly hallo, and have interpreted it by laser cutting perspex and embellishing it with jewellery. 

The Catwalk Edit - London Fashion Week Event

I am very excited to present my collection officially during the London Fashion Week AW 15/16!  

On this occasion,  I am launching my ready-to-wear accessories line, starting with a line of 100% silk, luxury silk scarves. The scarves are inspired from my graduate collection, and include prints developed during and after my research for the official collection. 

GFW 2014 fashion show

The Graduate Fashion Week event was held at the Truman Brewery in London this year. For the first time, graduates had a new colossal venue set up in a trendier part of the city to showcase their final collections. Personally, I had a great time and I was there almost every day, enjoying the buzz and the effervescence of the place. I adored browsing through the student portfolios and have seen a few fashion shows myself too. But the best of all, was the incredible experience of having your own fashion show hosted by GFW. Everything was so well planned, and very professional. We had organizers, dressers, professional models, and makeup artists everywhere to help make the show a FAB one! And it was exquisite, and I am extremely proud of my classmates, my teachers and the University! <3 


My "Commedia dell'Arte Collection" being showcased at the GFW on 1st June 2014

UCA Internal Catwalk Show 2014

We've had an amazing night this week on the 8th of May at our Internal Catwalk show, featuring all graduates from UCA 2014. The venue was beautiful, and all our friends and family were there. Us designers and our tutors have worked all day backstage and I am personally impressed at how organized the dressers, models and stylist were. Every dress from my collection was placed on different sections for model's hair and makeup style, and a dresser was assigned for dressing a particular model. At first I thought it would all be so difficult with all that frenzy, but in fact it makes it so easy because I was just waiting for my dressed models at the exit to check if everything is ok. In short, it was a really good all round experience.

Spitalfields venue

Houses of Parliament Preview of my collection

        On the 1st of May I have been invited by the organizers of the Graduate Fashion Week for an exclusive event where one of my dress was selected to be part of the fashion show.

        Twelve students were selected from over forty universities in England to contribute with one of their outfits from their final graduate collection to be previewed at the Houses of Parliament, to give the politicians a taste of what is to be shown soon at the GFW.

        I have never been so happy to be part of such an exclusive event, and I have enjoyed every moment of it!


Work in progress

Just a few weeks left until out first internal catwalk show. It's exciting! I am going to miss these fun and intensive studio days. I am just posting a few snaps of my working environment at uni. I'll miss it soon xx


Photos by Emily Arabadjian